Police have accounted for all of the people who were missing after two house fires in southeast Queensland.

The fires completely destroyed a house in Jimboomba and gutted another on the Sunshine Coast.

Mitchell Ogden reports.


Around eight hours after the Jimboomba fire started, Fire and Rescue Services were still trying to limit the damage.

Eight crews attended the blaze, but couldn’t put it out before it caused major damage to the house.

Three people were unaccounted for this morning when the blaze started at twenty past four. But later today police confirmed that all three occupants are safe and unharmed.

Police say the residents were away from their homes for the night, so could not be accounted for immediately.

At this stage the cause of the fire is not known.

Simon Young, Forensic Investigators Unit: “Our investigations are still ongoing at this point but we’re unable to determine at this point what started the fire.”

Four more people were reported missing this morning after a fire destroyed a house on the Sunshine Coast.

Police believe that all four are safe.

Mitch Ogden, QUT News.