Brisbane Broncos captain Darren Lockyer has trained with his team, two days after surgery on a facial fracuture he sustained in the weekend match against the Dragons.

Lockyer now has three titanium plates in his cheek, and he is facing a tough decision as to whether he will play in Friday’s preliminary final in Sydney.

Stephanie Kay reports.


Will he or won’t he – that’s what league fans are asking.

This Friday the Broncos face the Sea Eagles in the preliminary final at Sydney Stadium and it’s still not known whether injured, retiring captain Darren Lockyer, will play.

His doctor has advised there could be medical complications if he flies to Sydney for the match, so, if Lockyer decides to play, he may have to be driven the one thousand kilometres to Sydney Stadium.

The decision whether or not to play, has been left up to Lockyer alone.

Brisbane Broncos Captain, Darren Lockyer: “If there’s any people out there that are critical about it and all that, point it to me not the club or the doctor.”

Lockyer says he understands the risks involved, including the chance that he will be targeted by Manly if he does play.

Brisbane Broncos Captain, Darren Lockyer: “If I felt I needed to hide I wouldn’t be playing. You know, if I’m going to do it, I’m just going to do it in a positive manner. I’m not going to look to find somewhere to hide ’cause you can’t. And I’m not. Manly are going to play a fair game, I’m sure they will. It’s a game to get into the grand final, they’re going to be playing to win.”

The Broncos skipper is philosphical about the fact the injury may mean a premature end to his playing career.

Brisbane Broncos Captain, Darren Lockyer: “Look I got no regrets, you know, you can’t, I can’t change what’s happened, it is what it is and you just deal with it. If I don’t play and that’s it well I still walk away happy.”

Despite his injuries, Darren does want to play in Friday night’s Manly clash, but he’ll leave his decicion until after Thursday’s training session in Sydney.

Stephanie Kay, QUT News.