Eight passengers on board an international flight from Vancouver have been treated for injuries after mid-air turbulence.

Paramedics were waiting at Sydney Airport this morning when the flight touched down. Most of the injuries were burns from hot food and drinks.

And there was chaos at Sydney’s Qantas domestic terminal today after a security breach.

Georgie Chumbley reports.


It was the security breach that “shouldn’t have happened.”

Two people walked through without being properly screened, forcing the evacuation and re-screening of thousands of travellers inside the terminal and on waiting planes.

It is not yet known how the pair got through security screening. An inquiry is underway.

To add to Qantas’s woes, a nationwide pay strike by airport baggage handlers and ground staff tomorrow morning, will disrupt more than 6,000 passengers.

And two NSW police officers have flown to the US to bring home the man accused of terrorising Sydney schoolgirl Madeleine Pulver, by putting a fake collar bomb around her neck.

The detectives arrived in Kentucky early today to pick up Paul Douglas Peters from jail.

The 50 year old waived his right to fight extradition last week.

Ms Pulver was at her Sydney home on August 3 when Peter allegedly entered the family mansion and placed the device around her neck, sparking a 10-hour ordeal.

Georgie Chumbley, QUT News.