With the summer storm season almost upon us householders are being urged to clean up around their properties.

Free dump sites have been set up as an incentive to clear backyards of rubbish, which could become dangerous in wild weather.

Dannielle DePinto reports.


The Brisbane city council has set up this free greenwaste dump to encourage Brisbane residents to prepare the family the home and the yard for the wild weather ahead.

Chairman of Field Services, David McLachlan has this advice:

David McLachlan, Chairman of Field Services: “We’re asking residents to look around the garden pick up anything that could be blown around in the storm. Look at the trees. Trim the trees. Take them to the transfer stations and they can dispose of them this weekend for free.”

Last year Brisbane residents took advantage of the free green waste disposal offer, dumping an extra four hundred trailer loads a day.”

Last year’s storm season was one of the worst Queensland has faced.

And with January’s devastating floods still vivid in their minds, residents will be looking to decrease potential risks as much as possible.

The outlook for this season though is slightly more promising.

Anna Bligh, QLD Premier: “The Bureau advice indicates that while we are unlikely to see disasters as wide spread as we did last year, we are never the less at an above average risk.”

There’ll be three separate weekends in September and October, the first starting tomorrow, when residents can dispose of green waste.

Dannielle DePinto, QUT News.