A Brisbane man claims he was so intimidated by the tactics of a door-to-door sales team, from an energy company, he had to flee to his home.

The Energy Ombudsman says hundreds of complaints about aggressive retailers are lodged each year.

The industry is now under pressure to introduce a voluntary code of conduct.

Sarah Richards has been finding out more.


Bert Krause, Homeowner: “They wormed their way inside sorta business. I didn’t say would you like to come in. I just opened the door and they were in.”

Bert Krause lives in Burpengary on Brisbane’s northside. He says he doesn’t remember which company the marketers were from.

Bert Krause, Homeowner: “Gave a note that the discussion was finished, and they still wouldn’t go.”

Mr Krause says he had to get his neighbour, Heather, to come and ask the salespeople to leave.

Bert Krause, Homeowner: “They kept saying I should sign their form and it’d save me money.”

A representative for the Minister for Energy says there have been more than 600 complaints to the ombudsman in the past year. We approached several energy providers to get their point-of-view, but all declined to comment.

The new ACCC code of conduct would see marketers issued with individual accreditation to track complaints and improve the way they are trained.

But Ian Jarratt of the Consumers Association has doubts the scheme, which is to start on January 1, will work.

He says the United Kingdom implemented something similar but was regarded as a failure.

He says there’s only one rule that’s effective.

Ian Jarratt, Vice President Queensland Consumers Association: “Never, never, never buy anything when a door-to-door seller comes to you.

Sarah Richards, QUT News.