The Broncos have had their last training session ahead of their sudden-death clash with the Dragons this weekend.

Coach Anthony Griffin says they’re prepared and aren’t underestimating the battle they face.

Rebecca Oakley reports.


Warming up on their stomping ground at Red Hill today the Broncos looked calm and ready.

Their focus, ironing out mistakes from previous games.

Many say the Broncos have it in the bag, Griffin doesn’t want the team to slacken.

Anthony Griffin, Broncos Coach: “There’s no guarantees with what’s going to happen, they prepared well. You know we’ve been up for everything up until this point and we’ve earned the right to be here. So we’ll find out tomorrow night how we handle that pressure.”

The Broncos have won eight games straight at Suncorp but will take on the Dragons line up lead by the Broncos own former coach, Wayne Bennett.

Bennett hasn’t lead a team to victory at Suncorp, but Griffin’s not taking any chances.

Anthony Griffin, Broncos Coach: “They’re the premiers and they got the master coach and they got their backs against the wall, they’re gonna have their best game of football tomorrow night.”

Speaking on behalf of the Dragons, Ben Hornby was keeping strategies for the match a secret.

He’s confident Bennett’s coaching will get them over the line.

Ben Hornby: “Wayne’s pretty relaxed he just wants us to get out there and play our best football and that’s what we’ve gotta do if we play our best footy you know we’re gonna be hard to beat.”

The Dragons want to see retiring great Mark Gasnier into the Grand Final.

The Broncos hope to do the same for Lockyer.

Tomorrow night’s game will be Lockyer’s last at Suncorp. The question remains though as to whether it will be the last for the Broncos for this season.”

Ben Hornby: “We wanna obviously want to make it Locky’s last game so we wanna win the game so we’re obviously going out there with our own motivation as well.”

Rebecca Oakley, QUT News.