Today is National R-U-OK Day a of day of action aimed at halting the rise in suicides in Australia.

The campaign encourages people to reach out to others.

Tess Gilfedder reports.


Australia R U OK?

Today coffee shops, online bloggers and other supporters joined together in a national campaign for suicide prevention.

The day is about trying to reach out to those in trouble.

Jewli Hitchcock, Group Barista Trainer: “We’re encouraging our guests to, over a cup of coffee, ask a colleague, a friend or a workmate if they’re okay.”

The latest statistics show one in five Australian adults will experience depression.

More than two thousand a year will take their own lives.

And for each person who commits suicide another 30 will attempt it.

After a year of devastating natural disasters, doctors and psychologists say the impacts on mental health are ongoing. The Mental Health Advisory Council says suicide rates have significantly increased this year.

Statistics from Lifeline’s twenty four hour crisis centre, have also shown a 68 per cent increase in calls from four of the main flood affected areas.

Today, coffee shop staff were handing out phone cards encouraging people to make a call and ask someone if they’re OK?

Online bloggers also joined in hoping their internet presence will help the cause.

Bronnie Marquardt, Blogger: “It’s raising awareness and it’s maybe making that little difference in someone’s life. That one question can really change a life.”

A new free 1-800 number has been set up for anyone needing help.

Tess Gilfedder, QUT News.