Sidonie Thompson was remembered today in a memorial for family, friends and the Somerville House school community.

It was a solemn occasion to give thanks for a beloved young girl who was murdered at her home.

Jane Schon reports.


Sidonie Thompson has been described as a gifted student loved by many.

The Somerville House community gathered today to bid farewell to their lost school mate. Family and friends are still struggling to come to terms with the events of last week; donning blue ribbons as a tribute.

Principal Florence Kearney: “The pale blue ribbon is actually one of Sidonie’s favourite colours and so that we as a school community could pay our respects as one we are all wearing a pale blue ribbon.”

The fourteen-year-old’s body was found in the family’s Paddington home last week.

The same morning her mother leapt from the Story Bridge in what Police believe was a murder-suicide.

The school’s principal said it has been one of the toughest weeks Somerville House’s history, but they have banded together in this difficult time.

Principal Florence Kearney: “The journey of healing will no doubt be long and difficult. We have shown however that we are a strong school, and we will continue to demonstrate our strong Somerville Spirit which is built on our Christian love, faith and care for one another.”

Students comforted each other as they left the school’s auditorium, and stood underneath a Mango tree for one final goodbye to Sidonie.

Jane Schon, QUT News