Anna Bligh has marked her fourth year as Queensland Premier amid renewed criticism of the Labor government.

Premier Bligh admits there have been some tough times in the past four years but she remains optimistic about her chances of re-election.

Tess Gilfedder reports.


While this Northside primary school was celebrating its sixtieth birthday, Premier Bligh was celebrating an anniversary of her own.

It’s been four years since she’s been Queensland Premier, a period she says has been rough but successful.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “The last four years have been tough for Queensland; the GFC, the worst disasters in our history. But nevertheless we’ve been making leaps and bounds.”

She cites education reforms, job creation and protecting the environment as wins. But not everyone was celebrating.

Opposition Leader Jeff Seeney says the past four years have seen nothing but problems.

Jeff Seeney, Opposition Leader: “Well I think today’s a sad anniversary for Queensland. I think it’s four years since Anna Bligh took over the premiership and Queensland has indisputably gone downhill a long way in those four years.”

Mr Seeney says the Bligh government has made too many mistakes and is out of touch.

He says the State’s assets have been sold and Queensland has lost its triple-A rating.

Jeff Seeney, Opposition Leader: “We’ve seen a general loss of capacity in the government to respond to the needs of everyday Queenslanders.

Premier Bligh is still optimistic, however, when it comes to the re-election, believing the new education reforms are the key to her government’s success.

Queenslanders have another few months to make up their mind, the last date for an election is June next year.

Tess Gilfedder, QUT News.