Cider is taking over as the new drink of choice for Generation Y.

And sales figures indicate it’s beer that’s suffering in this popularity poll.

Melanie Rica reports.


The news might be bitter for beer lovers, but the new craze sure is sweet.

Cider is making a comeback, being the largest growing alcoholic beverage in Australia – and poaching sales from beer.

Michael Walker, Chalk & Cheese Manager: “We’ve noticed in the past twelve months there’s probably been a thirty per cent increase in cider sales and we’re ranging a lot of requests for different brands coming out.”

More and more bottleshops are beginning to stock cider, trying to keep up with demand.

Michael Walker, Chalk & Cheese Manager: “We started with two or three shelves and as you can see we’ve got four and a half now and basically by the end of this year it’ll take up the whole fridge by the way we’re going.”

Pubs and bars are also making cider more available to customers by bringing it in on tap.

Mark Lassman, Normanby Hotel Publican: “It’s not longer just a stubbie of cider and people like to drink draft product because it tastes better.”

Cider is becoming the more preferred drink to have with a meal.

Mark Lassman, Normanby Hotel Publican: “Cider’s one of those drinks that’s very suited to Queensland climate. It’s a very refreshing drink. It’s something you can drink not just one of but two of.”

Swedish brands like Rekordelig are now the most popular cider brands, despite being unheard of in Australia just a few years ago.

Gen Y is taking on the new fascination with cider the most.

Vox 1: “It’s just a different taste. A different alternative.”

Vox 2: “It’s a lot sweeter than beer and I don’t really like the bitterness of beer.”

Vox 3: “I’ve never been able to get into drinking beer and cider I’ve just never even thought about.”

Melanie Rica, QUT News.