The legacy of last summer’s devastating natural disasters will be a main focus of Mental Health Week.

In Queensland, from October 9 to 15, the Choir of Hope and Inspiration will be lending a hand and an ear to the issue.

Ben Crock reports.


Formerly known as the Choir of Hard Knocks, the Choir of Hope will play their first shows in Queensland as official ambassadors for Mental Health Week.

Choir leader Jonathan Welch says fostering community spirit is a key focus in light of the disastrous summer.

Dr Jonathan Welch, Choir Artist Director: “The aftermath of dealing with natural disasters and the importance to not only keeping lending a hand but also to keep lending an ear.”

Mental health expert David Kavanagh says the week is a time to extend a helping hand to those affected.

Professor David Kavanagh, QUT: “This is an opportunity for people to be banding together and helping other people who are still finding it tough.”

Choir member Simon Mansell says the group’s honest music and his personal experience with mental health has set them up well for their role as ambassadors.

Simon Mansell, Choir Member: “I think I’m a ray of light ’cause I’ve come out the other end of the system and I’m getting to grips and I’m better now.”

As ambassadors for mental health week the choir are hoping to raise spirits and awareness, especially for those affected by the recent natural disasters.

The choir also will perform on the Gold Coast during their Queensland visit.

Ben Crock, QUT News