As jubilant fans waited patiently outside the locked gates of Brisbane’s Riverstage, preparations were under way for hip-hop sensation Bliss n Esso to perform live in front of a sellout crowd.

Sounds of bustling roadies, stallholders and Riverstage crew could be heard far off as they rushed to meet the 6pm deadline.

Crane lifting worker up to assemble 'Merchandise' banner.
Crane lifting worker up to assemble 'Merchandise' banner. Source: Sebastian Sinclair

For them it was just another day of busy preparations, which usually begins two days prior to the event.

Ron Solo, owner of the Sweethearts Lemonade Stall, says it’s always an exciting experience working at the Riverstage.

“Gigs here are always fun, it’s a really great venue”.

He says the process of setting up and packing down is part of the job and is well worth the effort.

“Sometimes after a long day, we finish packing up and think ‘man that was awesome; we just got through 10,000 people’.

“It’s really great to see the whole process come together in the end.”

Stallholder’s preparations are nothing compared to the amount of work the travelling roadies do, as they stay on well into the night, hours after the show has finished.

For the ‘Bliss n Eso’ crew it was no exception.

“Sometimes we pull 20-22 hour shifts with hardly any sleep in between because we need to be up and on the road the very next day,” says full time roadie Matt.

“It can be real tough on you physically and mentally, but we love it.”

Preparations under-way at Brisbane's Riverstage for Bliss n Eso show.
Preparations under-way at Brisbane's Riverstage for Bliss n Eso show. Source: Sebastian Sinclair

For the performers however it was a breezy interaction before the show as VIP fans lined up to get just about anything signed.

Some asked for legs and breasts to be autographed while others opted for a more humble approach by having their music albums signed.

But the real frenzy began after gates had opened and 8,000 people began pouring in.

The two supporting acts ‘Big B’ and ‘Horrorshow’ did well to entertain the patient crowd, stirring them for the main act.

When Bliss n Eso hit the stage they were met with a thunderous applause and jeers from die-hard fans.

Their explosive start sent the crowd into a frenzied roar.

Bliss n Eso on stage with an explosive start
Bliss n Eso on stage with an explosive start. Source: Sebastian

Band member Bliss shouted out to the crazed fans and congratulated his crew for doing an awesome job.

“I’d like to thank you guys for coming out and making this a wicked show,” he said.

“Without you guys we wouldn’t be here.

“A huge thanks also to our awesome crew for setting this up for you guys”.

‘The Running on Air Tour 2011’ has been a sell out gig around the country calling it ‘their biggest ever Australian tour.’