Month: June 2011

Live music is heading online

By Madolline Gourley In 2007, Billboard magazine named Brisbane as one of the world’s top international music destinations. Billboard, a US magazine devoted to all things music-related, said the city’s successful acts, such as Powderfinger, The Veronicas and Pete Murray,

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Couchsurfing: more than just free accommodation

By Jin Kok Couchsurfing was conceptualised in 1999 when founder Casey Fenton needed a place to stay after finding cheap tickets to Ireland, this would be the start of a global network that now has almost 3 million users.

Behind the scenes at Bliss n Eso

As jubilant fans waited patiently outside the locked gates of Brisbane’s Riverstage, preparations were under way for hip-hop sensation Bliss n Esso to perform live in front of a sellout crowd. Sounds of bustling roadies, stallholders and Riverstage crew could

Men’s shed gives back to community

By Mitch Sabine On a quiet Wednesday morning in Kenmore Hills, in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, three men stand around a table in a shed, sharing a quiet conversation over a hot winter’s coffee. They are older guys, all

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Drifting: motorsport driven by the politics of community

By Tom Kojrowicz In a world where lifestyle sports rule the roost among youth, it almost seems sensible to make competition as to who can drive the fastest… sideways. Enter the new favourite for adrenaline junkies and car fanatics alike

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Bike lanes initiate decline in road accidents

By Alicia Bolton The Sunshine Coast council anticipates an 18 per cent decline in pedestrian and cyclist trauma, involving serious injury and death, by 2021 due to the installation of green bicycle lanes. The lanes allow cyclists and motorists to

Younger generations using social networking to get into the music industry

By Alicia Ng Technology and the internet have received a lot of criticism from music industry heavyweights. Now the next generation have come forward saying the internet, in particular social networking, has its advantages for music.

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A different approach to organics

Organic produce may have found its way to the supermarket shelves, but there is still a long way to go before it gains mainsteam status, reports Amy Kelly. IN the three-and-a-half years he has been running the Northey Street Farmers

HIV/AIDS awareness needs to be boosted: experts

By Louise Cheer Experts say Australia still needs to do more for the awareness of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in the general population. These comments come after Sunday’s 30th anniversary of the world’s first reported case

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Brisbane man walks to Sydney

By Imogen Knowles A Brisbane man is two weeks into completing an approximate 900km walk from Coolangatta to Sydney in a hope to raise $50,000 or more for Oxfam Australia. Glen Hammermeister, 27, from Bulimba, started his journey on May