Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has been accused of deliberately undermining Malcolm Turnbull.

It’s been confirmed that Mr Abbott authorised the release of a letter naming and shaming the former leader.

Stephanie Scott reports.


Tony Abbott has said his only opponent is the Government.

However, a leaked letter has caused a rift within his own party.

Following a failed vote the Chief Opposition Whip Warren Entsch chastised Mr Turnbull and four other Coalition members for missing votes in parliament.

Alexander Downer, Former Liberal Minister: “If you just miss a division because you didn’t feel like going – it doesn’t matter who you are, how senior you are in the party – the whip will get in touch with you.”

Instead of party whips having a quiet chat with the five members, the letter was sent to all MPs with the permission of Mr Abbott.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “It was about the principal of not missing divisions.”

Mr Abbott says it wasn’t aimed to disrespect Mr Turnbull and other members.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “People have to be at divisions. I’ve missed divisions and I’ve got to say I was outed in the most humiliating fashion in the newspaper.”

Mr Turnbull has said that by sending the letter to all coalition members made the chances of it being leaked to the media extremely high.

Stephanie Scott, QUT News.