The action’s about to get underway at Lang Park but it’s unlikely the unseasonally cold night ahead will take the heat out of the opening Origin clash, or deter fans.

Stephanie Scott reports.


Origin fever has hit Brisbane both on and off the field for the sell-out game.

Queenslanders making it clear, they wanted the Blues crushed.

Both teams took a walk through the city to chat with fans, they even managed to get some practice in.

The Maroons are hoping they can pull off their sixth consecutive series win.

Mal Meninga, Maroon coach: “It’s going to be a really competitive, aggressive, unrelenting type of game. It’s going to be a battle.”

This hasn’t deterred the Blues.

Trent Barrett, Former Blues captain: “We’re confident we can win and as I said we’ve had a terrific week, we’re quite confident actually.”

There’s also the added pressure, being the farewell season for Queensland captain Darren Lockyer.

Mal Meninga, Maroon coach: “If the end result is that we’re going to be successful, he gets to go out the way he deserves, a winner.”

The team says their focus now though is on game one.

A television deal between Russell Crowe, the NRL and FOX Sports means the whole Origin series will be beamed live into the United States.

Forty million Americans are expected to tune in and learn a little more about Rugby League. The game will also be seen in the UK and Canada, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia.

Stephanie Scott, QUT News.