New research into consumer coffee preferences has begun in Queensland.

It’s hoped the results will help to inform the Australian coffee industry how to better cater to caffeine lovers.

Nyree Callaghan reports.


The research being run by the Queensland Government and the University of Queensland is being carried out in two sections.

The first part involves trained panelists who will taste and smell different coffees.

They’ll then rate it based on the special coffee language they’ve developed.

The second step includes 250 consumers who’ll be paid to rate the same coffees but provide feedback in more general terms.

The two lots of data will be combined to understand what segments of the population like which particular things about their coffee.

Katrina Gething, Consumer Research Scientist: “So what are the complex aromas and flavours that really get them going and particularly we want to understand how the Australian coffee relates to all of that.”

She says the research is important as coffee drinking plays a significant role in Australian society.

Katrina Gething, Consumer Research Scientist: “Everybody loves to sit around and have a cup of coffee in the morning.”

Coffee lovers agree.

Natalie Wood, Coffee lover: “If I don’t go to a cafe and have a sit down coffee. I’ll get a takeaway coffee.”

Cafe owners say they support Australian grown coffee.

Jordan Stamos, Cafe owner: “The Australian palette has gone for more of a smoother profile, so we tend to use Arabica beans which are less caffeinated but have a smoother taste.”

While the scientists continue testing, coffee lovers will continue to do what they do best.

For many, going to coffee provides the perfect opportunity for a business meeting or a catch up with friends. For some, it even replaces meal time.

Nyree Callaghan, QUT News.