For those who want a taste of Italy without the expense of travelling there, the Mediterranean Mecca has come to town as Queenslanders help celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary of unification.

Frank Carmine reports.


The sounds of Italy reverberated through the City streets this morning at the official launch of Italian week.

Organisers say the eight day festival will highlight all that is good about Italy and Italian culture.

Alessandro Sorbello, Italian week Executive Producer: “From architecture to food and wine and the way people live and enjoy their social time.”

Jan Powers organises local street markets throughout the Brisbane region, she says it’s important to showcase Italian culture in the community.

Jan Powers, Brisbane Market Coordinator: “It’s very important because the Italians were an enormous help to us in the early years and I think there is something about Italy that we grabbed, olive oil, tomatoes and a quality of eating.”

Queenslanders say Italian week is a success at bringing the community together.

Phillip Di Bella, Di Bella Coffee: “It’s an opportunity to spend a while week in indulgence from food to fashion to cars to architecture to listening to musicians.”

Fortunato Isgro, Italian musician: “A lot of the younger generations of Italians don’t really come out much anymore, but when it’s Italian week they all do, everyone gets out.”

The celebration starts tomorrow and continues through next week.

This year organisers are going one step further, not only will the Treasury Casino and Newstead House be lit with the Italian flag colors the Story Bridge will, too, show off its red, white and green pride.

Frank Carmine, QUT News.