Day: May 25, 2011

Coffee taste put to the test

New research into consumer coffee preferences has begun in Queensland. It’s hoped the results will help to inform the Australian coffee industry how to better cater to caffeine lovers. Nyree Callaghan reports.

Brisbane gets a taste of Italian culture

For those who want a taste of Italy without the expense of travelling there, the Mediterranean Mecca has come to town as Queenslanders help celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary of unification. Frank Carmine reports.

Work stops as wharf protests intensify

Work at Patrick Stevdores’ Brisbane docks came to a halt today over a long-running pay dispute. The Maritime Union of Australia says workers are willing to work, if the shipping company would let them. Karin Adam reports.

Positive outlook for Queensland property slump

A leading demographer today blamed a lack of interstate migration for low house prices. He says South-East Queenslanders have had a tough time since the Global Financial Crisis but there is good news on the way. Rebekah Ison reports.

Origin fever takes over Queensland

The action’s about to get underway at Lang Park but it’s unlikely the unseasonally cold night ahead will take the heat out of the opening Origin clash, or deter fans. Stephanie Scott reports.