Australians across the country hosted tea parties this week in the name of a good cause.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is the Cancer Council’s annual fundraiser and it also raises awareness for cancer research.

Stephanie Scott reports.


The Biggest Morning Tea gave guests the opportunity to enjoy a cuppa, share stories and raise funds for a good cause.

This annual fundraiser was combined with the launch of the State Library’s new project “Tea and Me”.

Queenlanders from across the state are asked to share their special tea cups and their stories to go on display later this year.

Lea Giles-Peters, State Librarian: “We often infuse our teacups with a value beyond their function as they remind us of comfort, peace and shared moments.”

The partnership between the Cancer Council and the State Library connects one of the most enduring rituals of Australian life having a cup of tea.

This unlikely connection looks at two separate challenges.

Penelope Wensley, Governor of Qld: “How to raise awareness of the need for support of cancer research and patient support and how to create a project that will tell the story of why Queensland loves a cuppa.”

Organisers say by raising our cups we’re also raising spirits and hope for those touched by cancer.

Queenslanders can contribute their favourite tea cups and memories for the Tea and Me project until August 31st.

Stephanie Scott, QUT News.