Brisbane was cloaked in a blanket of fog causing major headaches for commuters both on the roads and on the river this morning.

The thick fog enveloped the river city with a maximum visibility of only 100 metres at around 7:00am.

Kieran Marsh reports.


The fog developed west of Brisbane from around midnight before blanketing much of south-east Queensland during the drive to work.

Mathew Bass, Bureau of Meteorology: “Over the night that thickened up and spread out to affect Brisbane and we even saw some mist and fog at the Sunshine coast and the Gold Coast as well so it was quite a widespread event.”

For most of us, it was an unusual weather event. According to the Bureau, fogs like these develop quite quickly and with relative ease.

Dry north-westerly winds, low moisture and cool overnight temperatures combined to create the conditions.

Mathew Bass, Bureau of Meteorolgy: “It allows the air to cool down more rapidly so when you have got moist air cooling we get fog forming quite easily.”

Contrary to early morning reports no Brisbane airport services were directly affected by the fog, although one QANTAS flight had to be diverted to Noumea for re-fuelling.

The fog did shut down the city’s river services with both the CityCat and ferries suspended at 6:00am. They were back to normal just after 8:00am.

Rain and thunderstorms developed later, clearing any chance of a repeat event tomorrow morning.

Kieran Marsh, QUT News.