A day on and the Queensland Firebirds are still pinching themselves after winning the ANZ championship in Brisbane.

The team is hoping their win over New Zealand’s Northern Mystics will inspire a new generation of players.

Karin Adam reports.


The Queensland Firebirds toasted their historic win today, never wanting to let go of the trophy they fought so hard to win.

The Firebirds made it fifteen wins in a row to take out the title.

Laura Geitz, Queensland Firebirds Acting Captain: “I know it’s the proudest moment in my career, that’s for sure.”

The thirteen point defeat of the Mystics – the highest winning margin of any ANZ Championship grand final -Will spur the team on to new heights.

Laura Geitz, Queensland Firebirds Acting Captain: “We’re not happy now with winning one premiership, we’re already thinking about what we can do for seasons to come.”

The team hopes their success will inspire others to follow in their giant footsteps.

Amy Steel, Queensland Firebirds: “Now girls are able to see this as a potential pathway and even have the chance to have this as one of their dreams.”

The Queensland Firebirds are using their success to encouraging people to stick with the game. Like many sports, the drop-off rate in participation is high between the ages of fifteen to twenty-five . But not everyone needs the encouragement.

Students at one Brisbane high school are already following the Firebirds’s every move.

Taylor Norrie, Cavendish High School: “It was inspiring because they all played together as a team and as well as encouraging everyone on the court.”

For these aspiring netball professionals, their sights are firmly on the ball.

Jess McKirdy, Cavendish High School: “We already do a lot of netball and with the school work that we have as well it’s a bit hard to juggle it all but we pull it off anyway so hopefully we’ll be able to do it when we get older.”

So while the youngsters have goals of their own the major challenge now for the Firebirds is to keep their team together for next season.

Karin Adam, QUT News.