The Opposition is calling for a Parliamentary inquiry to sort out what it says is a crisis in our detention centres.

They say an inquiry is the best way to discover the extent of problems inside the immigration detention network.

Stephanie Scott reports.


Figures released last week show 850 critical incidents in nine months. That is more than three a day.

They range from self-harm and serious assault to riots, fires and even death.

A detention centre employee who wants to remain anonymous says guards do not control the centres anymore.

Detention guard: “It’s going to take the death of an officer or something very very bad to happen.”

Only then, he says, will authorities act.

Detention Guard: “The Australian public would be outraged if they found out exactly what officers had to go through.”

The Opposition says the system needs to be under more scrutiny.

Scott Morrison, Opposition Immigration Spokesman: “The mess is there for everyone to see and it’s time for us to take a good look at it.”

The Greens say they’re willing to support a federal inquiry.

Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens Senator: “We need to make sure that any inquiry looks at how to get people out of detention.”

She says detention hurts people and drives them to self-destruction – as well as costing taxpayers a fortune.

Stephanie Scott, QUT News.