Timber enthusiasts descended on the RNA showgrounds today for the Timber and Working with Wood show.

From the inexperienced DIY-er to the power-tool professional, the stalls had something for everyone.

Melanie Arnost reports.


The original “planking” was on display at the 18th annual wood-working show.

With organisers expecting record crowds, displays for every skill and specialty kept even the smallest spectators entertained.

From the Solomons, a gift for a girlfriend, to Tasmania for the boating enthusiasts.

After joining his son’s business Brian Fletcher now specialises in recycled timber.

Brian Fletcher, Director C&B Timbers: “Environmentally friendly and economically favourable and it also has a historical value which makes it very difficult to replace or source.”

This shelf was once part of the old Hornibrook bridge that connected Redcliffe to Brisbane.

Brian Fletcher, Director C&B Timbers: “So the fact that its almost a hundred years old and the quality of the timber speaks for itself.”

Coming out of the woodwork, self-taught artist Radha Pedersen says most of his pieces are based on personal experiences.

This one – his wife – on their wedding day.

Radha Pedersen: “It’s very therapeutic. It’s sort of like meditation.”

There were interactive displays for old hands to take part but they weren’t the only ones who wanted a go.

Not limited to just the experts, the stalls and displays give crafty kids the chance to carve out their futures.

Vox 1: “We came with our school, just to experience all the woodwork and everything.”

Vox 2: “Finding out what’s available for the future and what you can do as a hobby outside of school as well.”

They’ll still need to whittle down at least a semester of study before building a career for themselves.

And for the record, kids…

John Sutcliffe: “Planking is what I call what you put on boats.”

Melanie Arnost, QUT News.