Southbank is now one step closer to looking like the postcards of the iconic Brisbane landmark and less like a construction zone.

Truckloads of sand have arrived at the beach with local businesses now restless to get the precinct back to its former glory.

Natalie Sprott reports.


For the last four months Southbank has been a beach without sand.

Now they’ve got 3000 cubic meters of it.

Businesses are slowly getting back on their feet and the precinct is awaiting the day the construction fences come down.

Malcolm Snow, CEO Southbank Corporation: “Hopefully that day is not far away, as I say, we’re working around the clock to get the job finished.”

Initially, local businesses were told it was an eight week job. Now, they’ve found out its going to take a lot longer.

Ben O’Donoghue, Owner of Southbank Surf Club: “They told me it was going to be around the beginning of July and my heart just sank. It’s just encouraging to see a bit more progress.”

The main problem with the recovery has been the weather. The lining in the pool requires 14 consecutive days without rain.

Malcolm Snow, CEO Southbank Corporation: “We’ve been dependant on dry weather and, as you’d appreciate, we’ve had a very wet finish to summer and a very wet beginning to autumn.”

After the floods here at Southbank, local business took a big hit. Now, with restorations well on their way, the Southbank Corporation says business is up around pre-flood levels.

Ben O’Donoghue, Owner of Southbank Surf Club: “Late April/May have just started to pick up because the weather’s sort of settled down and the pools looking a bit more attractive than it did in the first couple of months.”

Preparations are already underway to celebrate the pool’s completion.

Ben O’Donoghue, Owner of Southbank Surf Club: “I’m so happy to see sand coming back into the beach. When there’s water in the pool, we’re going to have one hell of a knees up. So come down and enjoy.”

Ironocally, what’s missing now, is water.

Natalie Sprott, QUT News.