In State politics, the Queensland Premier has publicly backed the Maroons to win State of Origin.

And the debate over carbon pricing pollutes the airwaves in a fiery radio interview.

Zoe Knobel reports.


Anna Bligh hasn’t had too many highs lately.

But the Queensland premier rose above the unfavourable polls when she climbed the Story Bridge for the traditional raising of the Maroon flag ahead of next weeks clash with New South Wales.

Their was another clash on terra firma where Opposition Treasurer Tim Nichols attacked the Labor government over it’s plan to price carbon.

Tim Nicholls, Opposition Treasurer: “If you want to pay more, if you want an increase in the cost of living, if you want to see a job-destroying tax put in place, then the Labor party is for you.”

But Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser says there’s no place for fence sitters.

Andrew Fraser, Queensland Treasurer: “In the end you either believe in climate change and you have to price carbon or you don’t.”

What the opposition doesn’t believe in is where the Queensland economy is heading.

Tim Nicholls, Opposition Treasurer: “We’re still heading towards an $80-billion deficit.”

But the Treasurer says rhetoric is no substitute for policy.

Andrew Fraser, Queensland Treasurer: “I think that the debate really needs to move on from slogans into substantial policy over the next part of this year.”

Question time went public for the Premier today. Climate change and sustainability were at the forefront of peoples concerns.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “We understand that the successful economies of this century are going to be those economies that are based on knowledge and um innovation.”

The Premier says Queensland is in a transitional period where the state is investing in other “smart industries” to sustain the economy. She says coal seam gas, will become a major export to growing economies in Asia.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “And they will be cleaner economies, they will be cleaner global contributors if they’re using our gas.”

Zoe Knobel, QUT News.