When he played Origin football, Benny Elias often fired up Queensland both on and off the paddock.

Now the blast from the past has done it again. Elias has been forced to apologise for his comments last night where he said the January floods will be nothing compared to the storm the Blues will create when they take to Lang Park on Wednesday night.

Paul Smeaton reports.


It’s been 17years since he pulled on the boots for the Blues but Benny Elias still hasn’t learnt; there’s nothing as dangerous as a fired up Maroon.

Benny Elias, Former NSW Blue: “They are so cocky, they are so confident, they believe they are bulletproof and I can assure you there’s something coming up there you know, they’re going to make these floods back in Queensland days look like an absolute mimic when it comes to us coming up there.”

The former Blue has since apologised for last nights comments but Queensland is unlikely to forgive or forget.

Elias’s comments will provide even more motivation for the Maroons who are simply enjoying getting to know each other again as team mates instead of club rivals.

Cooper Cronk, Queensland reserve: “Everytime rep season comes round you want to be a part of it because not only is it the best time to be playing football, it’s an enjoyment to come into camp and hang around with blokes you get along really well with and do a bit of hard work as well.”

Halfback Johnathan Thurston again shapes as a key to Queensland series win and his Blues counterpart is set for the challenge.

Mitchel Pierce, NSW Halfback: “He’s a freak you know, I reckon he’s the best player in the game. He’s a player that I think every halfback watches his style of play and tries and put in their own game.”

The two state premiers embarked on a battle of their own earlier this morning, proudly flying the flag for their represective teams.

But the premier task for Queensland will be to make it six series wins in a row.

The Maroons have now headed to the Gold Coast to continue their preparations for the series opener before they return to Lang Park to cement their reputation as the Kings of origin football.

Paul Smeaton, QUT News.