The Queensland Firebirds have been unbeaten all season but that will count for little if they don’t win the one that matters this weekend.

In this year’s grand final, Queensland take on the Northern Mystics, a team they haven’t lost to in four years.

Natalie Sprott reports.


The heat is on and the Firebirds are determined.

The ghosts of the past have been banished to the sidelines as the firebirds take an impressive season record into the final game.

The girls have won fifteen straight games and say the’ve worked hard to put the disappointing performance of years gone by to rest.

Natalie Medhurst, Firebirds GA, GS: “We were really honest with each other in what needs to be done. Everyone’s really taken a step up and has been accountable.”

The Firebirds will take on their trans Tasman rivals the Northern Mystics. They too have added motivation. This is the first time the mystics have made it passed the quarters finals.

The Firebirds have had a fortnight to prepare for the grand final and are relieved it’ll be played at home to a sell-out crowd.

The team made it to their home court the hard way.

A convention centre double booking meant the girls had to travel to the Gold Coast for the semi final.

Despite losing the home court advantage they didn’t lose the game and now they’ll hope to bring that performance back to where and when it counts the most.

Natalie Sprott, QUT News.