By Sarah McVeigh

Loganlea High School was awarded Queensland’s healthiest school and received a cash prize of $250,000 at a ceremony at Parliament House today.

Cassowary Regional Council took out $750,000 in the ‘healthiest community’ category and the Playgroup Association of Queensland won healthiest workplace – taking out $50,000 for their efforts.

Loganlea High School was recognised for providing hip-hop dance classes and healthy lunches to its students.

Loganlea High’s Dean of Middle School Mr Thatcher said the award from Healthy Queensland would help to fund equipment for their school gym.

“Now there is a long road ahead of project management for getting all this equipment in and (installed) properly,” he said.

The school also set up a ‘breakfast club’ to ensure kids get a nutritional start to the day.

“Students just come in and have healthy breakfasts – toast, cereal, Milo – that sort of stuff,” said Mr Thatcher.

Twice a week the kids cook their lunch and eat it together.

Mr Thatcher said the kids are learning skills they can use to make healthy meals at home.

“They don’t have to have two minute noodles at home anymore,” he said.

The after-school dance classes are at capacity for the four days per-week they run.

Minister for Education Cameron Dick presented the award and said schools are the key to encouraging kids to develop healthy lifestyles.

Healthiest community takes teamwork

Cassowary Council social planner Jaqui Szafran said they were recognised for their community spirit.

“We’ve won the award for working in partnership with our community,” she said.

Cassowary Council’s nutritionist Jodi Phillips said their ‘bite’ program was a way to help people make better decisions about what they eat.

“The healthy choices are marked by the ‘bite’ logo at any cafes and takeaways,” she said.

The team also used social media to promote healthy eating.

New park equipment, a toilet block and walking paths will be some of the investments the council will make with the money.

Healthiest workplace

The Playgroup Association of Australia took out the $50,000 award for healthiest business, with initiatives including ‘fast food free February’.