By Amy Schostakowski, Alicia Ng

Experts have warned against buying fake degrees online and say most employers take care to check credentials.

Australia has seen a spike in fake degrees purchased off the internet, with websites offering a range from bachelor degrees for $122 to doctorates for $177.

Queensland University of Technology vice-chancellor Peter Coaldrake said those providing fake documents are likely to be caught out.

“Most employers will do due diligence and for example an employer can go online and do a qualifications verification,” he said.

ABT Recruitment researcher Tony Sivaa said employers will check qualifications in order to protect their businesses.

“The name of their company is in the firing line, so its basically branding suicide right there,” he said.

Mr Sivaa said falsified resumes are not a new occurence and often sees people overstating their skills.

“People state that they’ve completed more modules for their chartered accountancy qualifications than they actually have,” he said.

“Some people haven’t even started those qualifications.”