By Kieran Rooney,  Imogen Knowles

Teapotting is fast becoming the new G-rated internet craze after planking left one man dead.

This new craze requires participants to take pictures of themselves in funny or famous locations, with one hand on their hip and the other in the air like a spout.

Teapotting on the Great Wall of China by Bianca Holderness
Teapotting on the Great Wall of China by Bianca Holderness. Source: Bianca Holderness on Facebook

Bianca Holderness accidentally became the face of the craze when her teapotting photos spread over Facebook.

“My mum found this website on Facebook called teapotting and for some reason she decided to upload a picture that I took when we were in China. I didn’t understand how large it would become,” Ms Holderness said.

“I honestly find it strange that somebody made a facebook group designated towards it.

“I understand that it is like planking, a G-rated version to it, but I honestly did it just to make a joke out of myself while I was on a holiday,” she said.

University of Canberra social media expert Jason Wilson said teapotting is a joke on planking coverage.

“What happens on social media and new media is, people tend to mock the established media in several ways,” Mr Wilson said.

“I think that’s probably what’s happening with teapotting a little bit too.

“People are kind of mocking the hysteria around planking I think,” he said.

Mr Wilson said internet crazes, such as teapotting, need to me easily replicable, humorous and be able to capture the viewer’s attention easily.