An Inverell man is in a critical condition in hospital after a car surfing stunt that went wrong.

Police say they are growing increasingly frustrated at the rising number of dangerous skylarking acts.

Zoe Knobel reports.


The Inverell plasterer came out of an induced coma this afternoon.

It was believed Simon Hallam had been car surfing when he fell head first onto the road.

It was first thought the 20 year-old had been planking.

Police have made continuous calls for common sense since Brisbane man Acton Beale fell from a seventh storey apartment balcony earlier this week attempting the latest internet craze.

But police warnings seem to have been futile.

In Toowoomba, three men have been charged with public nuisance for car surfing.

The female driver of the car was also charged.

Authorities repeated their warnings on these latest trends.

Ross Barnett, Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner, Queensland Police: “It might seem like fun, but as this episode has shown, it carries great risk.”

Planking has been taken up by people of all ages but schools are cracking down.

So far, six students across south-east Queensland have been suspended for taking part.

Zoe Knobel, QUT News.