By Phoebe Baker

Torrential rain blew through the RAAF Base in South-East Queensland where Governor-General Quentin Bryce presented the ceremonial parade for the Royal Australian Air Force.

The troops stood to attention in the rain throughout the entire ceremony which honoured the Number 2 Airfield Defence Squadron’s (2AFDS) completion of 25 years service in the Air Force.

Quentin Bryce marching alongside the Squadron.
Quentin Bryce marching alongside the Squadron.

The 2AFDS were subsequently awarded a Meritorious Unit Citation for “sustained outstanding service in warlike operations” after they were deployed to East Timor in 1999, and have also been involved in ADF operations all across the globe, as well as assisting with the floods in Queensland earlier this year.

The auspicious occasion involved the Squadron Standard flag being laid across the ceremonial drums.

Wing Commander Ian Carty said the ceremony is a great honour and was privileged to have the Governor-General there to present it.

“It means everything to the squadron, both the men and the women,” he said.

“It’s been a long time from when it was formed in 1945, and from 1983 our 25 years of consecutive service.”

Flight Lieutenant David Woods said the drums and the Meritorious Unit Citation Streamer is an old tradition and is the most significant part of the ceremony.

“It used to be the symbol of the lord or king for the troops, and at the end of the battle the drums would be laid and the colours would be laid on top of that and is never to touch the ground,” he said.