Brisbane has cemented its position as the nation’s leading forensic city today unveiling a multi-million dollar upgrade of the state’s major forensic laboratory.

It’s bigger, better and faster and will put Queensland Police on the front foot in fighting crime.

Dominique Wiehahn reports.


The State’s centre of forensic science has received a $7.6 million expansion, unveiled today by Queensland Health Minister Geoff Wilson.

The Minister says the new laboratory will make the smart state smarter by giving Queensland Police the latest in DNA equipment.

Geoff Wilson, QLD Health Minister: “The government recognises that the fight against crime must be led by the latest, cutting edge technology.

This latest equipment means police can have faster access to better intelligence.

Geoff Wilson, QLD Health Minister: “Police and the DNA laboratory can now communicate in real time by the electronic transmission of information from one centre to the other.”

It can take up to a month for scientists to identify DNA and then pass that information on to authorities. With this upgrade that time frame will be slashed.

This upgraded facility is a major step toward achieving the centre’s targeted timeframe of 48 hours for providing DNA results to police.

Greg Shaw, Director of Forensic Services: “We want to be the best DNA laboratory in Australia and continue to be so.”

The upgrade also enables new technology to be used to its full potential.

Greg Shaw, Director of Forensic Services: “So we actually needed to upgrade the building so that the new technology that was brought on line could be utilised for the benfit of Queenslanders.”

The upgrade and expansion took nineteen months and was completed earlier this year.

Dominique Wiehahn, QUT News.