By Frank Carmine, Sarah McVeigh

Flooding across parts of Australia, Sri Lanka and the United States occurs due to natural causes, experts say.

Newcastle University Department of Climatological Studies head Dr Stuart Franks said the floods happening across the world are linked to climate.

Flooding in Rosalie
Flooding in Rosalie. Source: Andrew Birchley on Flickr.

“When we look at the history of global climate viability we see these things are linked to natural modes of climate,” he said.

While some events may be preventable, Dr Franks said countries can learn from experience.

“There a lot of opportunities to actually improve our planning for flood and drought and all the other climate disasters that do occur for entirely natural reasons,” he said.

Bureau of Meteorology spokesman Mr Jeff Sabburg said there may be fewer floods in the future, but they could be more intense.

“There are some indications tropical cyclones may decrease, however the proportion of intense ones may increase,” he said.

Mr Sabburg said human impact is a concern.

“There are certainly indications of anthropogenic climate change causing increases, for example, in the amount of precipitation present in the atmosphere due to temperature,” he said.

He said there is no question temperature increases are caused by climate change.