The latest eco-friendly high-rise development was unveiled today in Brisbane’s riverside precinct.

Both Council and State Government were on hand for the “Topping Out” ceremony which marks the final stage of the major construction project.

Paul Smeaton reports.


At 54 storeys, 1-1-1 Eagle Street is not only Brisbane’s tallest office building but its greenest as well.

It’s been designed to meet the highest standards reflecting a global movement towards large scale environmentally sustainable projects.

Kate Jones MP, Minister for the Environment and Resource Management: “This couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve been doing it tough in Queensland because of the floods and this building was affected, but what we are seeing here today is new technology in practice in a large building in Brisbane that will be a wonderful icon on the skyline of Brisbane.”

When complete the unique facade of the building which incorporates angled structural supports is designed to mimic the way plants grow towards the light.

This building is one of only a handful in Queensland to achieve the world leading, environmental six star green rating.

Occupants of the building will be treated to some of the city’s most spectacular sights with the structures cutting edge design offering a panorama of Brisbane’s south-east.

Unlike most high-rise projects the buildings elevator bank sits in the corner of the structure maximising views from the building’s prime position.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “I want Brisbane to be Australia’s cleanest and greenest city and so this six star building with all of its outcomes with smart lighting, air conditioning, the design , a whole range of environmental features leading to a six star outcome.”

The building’s set to open in early 2012 and has already attracted global business leaders Ernst and Young to base their Brisbane operations from the soon-to-be iconic building.

Paul Smeaton, QUT News.