By Ella Feinberg Large, Alicia Bolton

Producers of popular sci-fi computer game Mass Effect have announced same-sex relationships will be introduced in its upcoming release.

Mass Effect’s executive producer, Casey Hudson, is proud of the company’s decision to include homosexual relationships in the PC game.

Mass Effect PC game cover
No same sex couples in original Mass Effect. Image: Electronic Arts

“(I am) happy to confirm wider options for love interests, including same-sex relationships,” Mr Hudson said.

Same-sex relationships were not implemented in the previous releases Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

Gay and lesbian advocate Jessica Payne believes high-profile campaigns over the past few years have helped with the decision to include same-sex relationships in the video game.

“Gay and lesbians are more prominent in popular culture,” Ms Payne said.

The Australian Classification Board says same-sex relationships are not an issue and will not affect the rating of the game.

The announcement was made yesterday on the eve of International Day Against Homophobia.

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