By Louise Cheer

Queensland LNP leader Campbell Newman has revealed he is yet to develop policies on health, education and law and order following Newspoll results released today which indicate he is the preferred premier.

Newspoll has Newman polled at 49 per cent as preferred premier to Premier Anna Bligh’s 35 per cent.

The LNP leads in the primary vote polling at 51 per cent, while Labor’s percentage has fallen from last quarter to 31 per cent.

Campbell Newman on 4BC
Newman answering listeners’ questions on Brisbane’s 4BC morning show at Harvey Norman Oxley. Photo: Louise Cheer

Mr Newman said the poll results are a reflection of how Queenslanders are sick and tired of Labor’s failure to deliver and want change.

“[The Labor Government has] been in charge for over 22 years in Queensland,” Mr Newman said.

“They’ve seen the price of water go up through their misplaced policies [as well as] power, rego and a whole lot of government charges.

“I’m offering leadership and energy and a great team of people and some fantastic policies.

“I pledge to work my butt off for Queenslanders until 6pm on election day, and if we should be successful then I will work my butt off for three years as their premier.”

Mr Newman has already released policies on water, property and rail crossings.

He said he and his team will release further policies when they were confident they are right, and when Queenslanders have had the opportunity to review them.

Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser said the Labor Government is not focussing on poll results but on developing good policies for the future.

“We’ve never been a poll-driven government,” he said.

“We’ve always focussed on the long-term and I, for one, believe that good policy ultimately makes for good politics, that’s where we’re focussed, not on the poll.”