No election has been called but indications are Premier Anna Bligh would be out of a job if Queenslanders went to the polls.

A summer of popularity experienced by the Premier has gone cold.

A news poll out today has her opposite number Campbell Newman the state’s preferred leader.

Melanie Arnost reports.


Campbell Newman’s finally walking the talk.

The latest Newspoll suggesting he’s strides ahead of the Premier in the popularity stakes.

He told breakfast radio the results come as no surprise to him.

Campbell Newman, LNP leader: “Right across Queensland people are saying to me that they’re pretty cheesed off with this government.”

But Newman hammed it up for supporters at this morning’s opening of another business affected by the January floods.

He doesn’t hold a seat in state parliament, but he holds a commanding lead as the preferred Premier in today’s news poll.

On a two party preferred basis the LNP has a 20 point lead over Labor.

The former Brisbane Lord Mayor wouldn’t be drawn into a popularity contest but says it’s clear Queenslanders need a better option.

Campbell Newman, LNP Leader: “I’ll leave that to the political commentators to talk about that sort of thing but I’m offering leadership and energy and a great team of people.”

Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser refused to comment on the figures, instead saying his government was about getting on with the job of running the state.

Andrew Fraser, Qld Treasurer: “I for one believe that good policy ultimately makes for good politics and that’s where we’re focused, not on any poll.”

While Campbell Newman may be short on policies, he’s not short on priorities.

The would be Premier says he wants to decentralize Queensland spreading wealth across the regions.

Campbell Newman, LNP Leader: “Those places, particularly Maryborough, could do with 200-300 public servants there, and in the days of high tech communication and broadband, surely we can do that.”

And it’s in these regions where Campbell Newman will continue to deliver his message in the coming days.

Melanie Arnost, QUT News.