A Narangba family is set to return home to find their house has been all but destroyed by fire.

Fortunately, no one was at home when flames took hold mid-morning.

By Kayla Brereton.


Another day, another fire and another home lost.

Emergency services were called to the Piccabeen Court house trying to save what was left.

Fortunately no one was at home but fire tore through more than half the house leaving walls, ceilings and doors blackened or collapsed.

Police, firemen and ambulance officers entered carefully, unsure if the frail structure would hold up.

Adam Johnston, Queensland Fire and Rescue station officer: “The damage is extensive damage to the internals of the house. Approximately 50 per cent is fully involved; 25 per cent of the roof had collapsed on the premise on arrival.”

The fire started around 10 this morning.

Moreton Bay Council workers were in the area when they saw smoke coming from the roof of the house. They then evacuated the neighbours and dialled triple-0.

Dave Horne, Moreton Bay Council worker: “There was not too much smoke at that moment, there was smoke coming out of the tiles at the front. Then Cameron ran around the back to have a look and the back window was blown out and that is when we think the fire started.”

The fire took hold so quickly, most neighbours were unaware of the danger until alerted by Dave and fellow worker Cameron.

Police and fire authorities are still unsure what started the blaze. They haven’t yet ruled out suspicious causes.

Kayla Brereton, QUT News.