The January floods might have destroyed Bellbowrie’s kindergarten but not the community’s fighting spirit.

They banded together to put in six weeks of solid work and at a cost of around 250 thousand dollars the building’s now as good as new.

By Natalie Sprott.


These small watermarks on a second storey window are now the only signs of the flood which ravaged this kindergarten just four months ago.

Now with restoration complete the government is praising the efforts of the community.

Cameron Dick, Qld Minister for Education: “An example of what we can do together to ensure our state comes back together bigger and better than ever before.”

It’s a small dent in a much bigger recovery.

Major General Mick Slater, Queensland Reconstruction Authority Chair: “That sort of community spirit co-operation is going on right across Queensland and corporate Australia is certainly doing its part.”

Fifty to 60 per cent of all work and materials at the kindy were donated. The rest came at cost price.

At the peak of the floods the roof was swept away and the rest of the building was in tatters. The kindy was virtually unrecognisable.

John Shepherd, regional director, Brookfield Multiplex: “It was a complete war zone. I mean, this garden out here had a lot of contaminated mud all over it.”

While the repairs were taking place the 40 or so children have been going to a temporary classroom at a nearby school.

Today, parents couldn’t be happier with the renovations and the chance for their littlies to enjoy outdoor play.

Samantha Childes, Parent: “I think he felt a little bit overwhelmed actually. But no, he’s really excited to come back here. He’s been waiting to come here for years.”

But what do the most important clients have to say?

Vox: “All the workmen fixed it and now we have another monkeybar and we got cake! Yeah!”

Natalie Sprott, QUT News.