By Louise Cheer

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has urged Queensland’s Liberal National Party supporters to use their influence to change the government.

Mr Abbott spoke at a LNP supporters’ luncheon today and also attacked the government’s carbon tax and federal budget.

He asked attendees to take a political stand and not passively accept what a “bad government” hands out to them.

“Everyone in this room has power and influence,” Mr Abbott said.

“You might not think of yourself as powerful and influential people but you’ve got families, you’ve got friends, you’ve got neighbours, you’ve got workmates.

“Don’t think you have no influence.”

Mr Abbott began his week-long visit to Brisbane today by touring a leather factory with state LNP Leader Campbell Newman.

He told reporters it was one of hundreds of small business that would take a massive financial hit from the government’s proposed carbon tax.

He also called for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to call an election and seek a mandate on the issue.

“I am going to try to be part of a movement for a better polity, for more honest and honourable government, and I will be a campaigner,” Mr Abbott said.