Police are questioning an elderly man over a fatal car crash in Melbourne early this morning.

The man crashed his car through the wall of a retirement village killing a 94-year-old woman.

Paige Ross reports.


John Stien lost control of his car around four o’clock skidding 20 metres across the car park to plough through a brick wall.

Helen Higginbotham was killed instantly when the car struck her as she was sleeping.

Snr Sgt Jeff Smith, Victorian Police: “It’s a terrible thing. Who thinks their going to get run over in their bed. For an elderly person its not the way to go. It’s just a terrible thing. It’s a tragedy.”

The driver wasn’t injured but was taken to Dandenong hospital for mandatory drug and alcohol testing.

The victim’s son initially heard the accident on radio but had to attend the scene to find closure.

Brian Higginbotham, Victim’s Son: “Over there where the accident happened she got me to plant roses. She’s got a little private garden outside her bedroom and the centre section there with all her roses and everything. She still loved doing her gardening.”

Police are hoping to interview the driver later tonight.

Paige Ross, QUT News.