State Parliament has rejected a passionate plea from Gordon Nuttall, fining him a total of $82,000.

Leader of the House, Judy Spence said the $2,000 fine for each of 41 instances of contempt of Parliament, related to corrupt payments Mr Nuttall received from Queensland businessmen.

Earlier the jailed former Labor minister came face to face with former colleagues and family members as he answered contempt charges.

Grace Duckham reports.


As parliament members took their places, their convicted former colleague arrived in a white prison van and was escorted inside under guard.

He was led to the bar by the sergeant at arms.

Nuttall began in a reflective fashion.

As he became the first convicted criminal to take the floor in Queensland parliament, he used the opportunity to defend his actions of accepting loans from former businessmen Ken Talbot and Harold Shand.

He is currently serving 12 years in prison for corruption, perjury and receiving secret commissions.

Gordon Nuttall, Disgraced Parliamentarian: “It’s stretching a long, long bow to say that a loan from somebody is deemed as income and should be put in a register.”

Nuttall offered a “sincere and unqualified apology” for failing to disclose the payments and urged the parliament to accept that as his penalty.

He said his 12 year jail conviction should be punishment enough.

Nuttall said he wouldn’t be able to pay any fine imposed by the parliament.

Gordon Nuttall, Disgraced Parliamentarian: “I’ve submitted to the parliamentary committee that the rules of double jeopardy apply but again the parliamentary committee have rejected my submission on that.”

Nuttall claimed from the minute he was critical of the CMC in the house of parliament it was his opinion that they were out to get him.

Nuttall also attacked the the CMC and the Office of the DPP, claiming they had a “savage desire for revenge”

He was quickly interrupted by Speaker of the House, John Mickel.

John Mickel, Speaker of the House: “I know this is emotional for you, it’s emotional for all of us. There are 41 charges of contempt and there is a penalty.”

He was then issued with a formal warning after asking for an independent inquiry into the CMC and the DPP.

Towards the end of his 36 minute address Nuttall’s calm appearance began to falter as he thanked family and friends for standing by him.

Gordon Nuttall, disgraced Parliamentarian: “I am bowed but I am not beaten. I am bloodied but I am not broken.”

While disappointed at the way he had been rejected by former colleagues, Nuttall ended with this message.

Gordon Nuttall, disgraced parliamentarian: “May God bless you and keep you all safe from harm.”

Grace Duckham, QUT News.