By Camille Bianchi

Insurers are fighting to not pay this household' claim
Insurers are fighting to not pay this household' claim

Many flood victims are being refused funds from insurers on technicalities such as the way paperwork has been filled, according to Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale.

“The insurance companies know what they’re required to do they know what they should do and they’re using every excuse not to,” Cr Pisasale said.

Some Ipswich residents are living in tin sheds, without hot water and electricity.

Without money from home insurance, they can not afford to rebuild, and are relying on government funds and charity.

Moore’s Pocket Road resident Norman Morris is one of the residents still struggling.

“We have to go out the back and wash with a bucket of cold water – it’s freezing,” heĀ  said.

One couple who pay were refused compensation for $45 000 in damages, because the insurer’s report found tree roots caused January’s water damage.

The Reeves family has been told they are responsible for the damage, and ineligible for a pay-out.

“The house fills with water from the sky, the walls are wet and you tell me tree branches?” Ipswich resident Rhonda Reeves, said.

The financial Ombudsman met with claimants and and lawyers this week to investigate the refused claims.

“We are human beings. We are not being treated like it though. Of all this happening, this is the part I can’t get over. I will carry this hurt for a long time,” Mr Morris said.

Most help is coming from from donations of funds, food and clothing from volunteer organisations.

“Everywhere people are giving, except insurance companies,” Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale said.

To donate food, clothing or assistance, ccontact the Bundamba flood victims support group: 0408 016 865.