The Queensland Government has proposed a string of changes to electricity pricing, which it says will benefit up to three quarters of households.

The move follows repeated criticism by the LNP of the Government’s lack of action on the rising cost of power.

Alex Fynes-Clinton reports.


Low income households are set to be the major winners under proposed changes in electricity legislation.

The plan is to introduce a user pay system which the government says will benefit smaller households.

But critics say there are some major concerns.

Karyn Walsh, President of QCOSS: “There’s some unanswered questions about doing it. First of all, the upfront costs and the cost of getting out of contracts.”

Karyn Walsh says some households could be worse off.

Karyn Walsh, President of QCOSS: “There are some thresholds and so people with larger families who use more could be disadvantaged.”

An electricity meter which would make households aware of off-peak times is one strategy proposed that would lessen the burden on larger households.

Stephen Robertson, Minister for Energy and Water Utilities: “If people wanted a return to the previous system because the tariffs didn’t work for them than they would be able to do so freely and without charge.”

No final decision is expected before the middle of next year as more consultation takes place.

Alex Fynes-Clinton, QUT News.