By Sebastian Sinclair

Students from Faith Lutheran College on Brisbane’s bayside are gearing up for a trip to Vanuatu in June to help set up two new classrooms.

The project is part of an initiative to help impoverished children from the island of Afate.

Students at Faith Lutheran College listening to Father Dini
Students at Faith Lutheran College listening to Father Dini. Photo: Sebastian Sinclair

Grade 11 student, Annamieka, says she is excited to be a part of the project.

“I’ve been at this school since preschool and they’ve always talked about a service tour but it’s never really been put into action, until now,” she said.

The 36 students will provide basic materials such as pens and paper. as well as help build two new classrooms.

College councillor and project coordinator, Carlee Johnston, says it has been a collaborative school effort.

“It hasn’t just been students who are going on tour that have done the fundraising, last week we had year 7’s out there helping with the car wash,” she said.

The school has raised over $8,000 as part of their fundraising efforts.

Lead mission worker and local Vanuatuan, Father Dini, addressed the students with a message of change.

“Ninety per cent of teachers are unqualified in Vanuatu’s poorest regions,” he said.
“We need to make happen the change for our children.”

Alan and Debra Profke with Father Dini and service tour students
Alan and Debra Profke with Father Dini and service tour students. Photo: Sebastian Sinclair

Past parent and Vanuatuan mission worker, Alan Profke, told college students what to expect.

“The locals are interested in you as a person, not the material things you bring,” he said.

“Beauty comes from within and that is what they’re interested in.”

Father Dini spoke affectionately to those students about to go overseas.

“Thank you very much for your time in fundraising for the much needed community,” he said.

“The contribution you are offering will change the world.

“Education is the most important thing.”