Tony Abbott is set to take on the Government tonight in a contest over economic regulation.

The opposition leader will use his budget reply to try and best the Prime Minister in a race to get the books back into surplus.

Candice Anderson reports.


Tony Abbott is gearing up for his budget reply tonight.

The government says his economic credibility is depending on it.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says Mr Abbott must walk into Parliament and either back the Government’s savings or identify credible alternatives of his own.

Mr Abbott says he’s ready for the challenge.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “Always a tough week budget week, but it started well and let’s hope it ends well.”

The Government has already been criticised for their proposed budget, cuts to family benefits causing a stir today.

However, the Federal Treasurer says cuts are not reflective of a lack of caring.

Wayne Swan, Federal Treasurer: “I’m a strong supporter of the family payment system always have been and always will.”

Mr Abbott isn’t expected to spell out how the Coalition will vote on the Government’s savings measures, focusing instead on his opposition to the carbon tax, mining tax and the National Broadband Network.

Candice Anderson QUT News.