Queensland is leading the way in an effort to stop road deaths.

In a world first, more than 70 countries have banded together to fight for road safety reform, and today Brisbane launched the international Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Candice Anderson reports.


Road safety campaigners across the globe are fed up.

One-point-three million people are killed, another 50 million seriously injured on roads every year.

Today marked the start of what they hope will be a decade of difference; a world wide push for driver reform.

And Queensland’s peak motoring body, the RACQ, says the campaign is a much needed wake up call.

Ian Gillespie, RACQ CEO: “It’s something that tends to be a little bit remote to us. Until people actually feel a bit of anger and a bit of personal responsibility I don’t think a lot’s going to get done.”

Those pushing for safer roads say more funding is needed on both a federal and state level to save lives.

In Queensland the most dangerous roads are the Bruce Highway and the Warrego Highway.

Experts say their unsafe designs are to blame for a soaring death toll.

Rob Mclnerney, International Road Assessment Programe CEO: “Road safety, it’s madness; we’ve got trucks and cars going towards each other, head on, at 100 km/hour.”

Road construction companies say it’s too easy to blame the builder, drivers too have to share the blame.

Susie Bridle, Leighton Contractors: “Road safety is the responsibility of everybody in the community, so it’s the government, private sector, individuals in the community and the community based sector as well.”

And those out there among the carnage have welcomed the action plan.

The Queensland Police have also backed the initiative, they’ll be working with the community through traffic, crime prevention and school based police officers
based police officers.

Road accidents cost Queensland an estimated $4 billion every year – that’s similiar to the cost of the summer flood and cyclone disasters.

Candice Anderson, QUT news.