As the days get shorter, the night’s get longer for thousands of homeless people across the country.

But there are those trying to make a difference.

Hundreds of people attended today’s Biannual Homeless Connect event in the city where business and community groups were offering free services to those in need.

Paige Ross has this report.


It was a bright start for some of Brisbane’s homeless this morning but for some that’s as good as the day will get.

Nearly a thousand of Brisbane’s needy were given a helping hand as part of this years Homeless Connect event.

Major Bryce Davies, The Salvation Army: “You want people who are struggling in Australia to know we’re a country that helps them and I think there’s a lot available but its getting awareness out there for the people.”

But those attending the RNA showgrounds today were well aware of what was on offer haircuts, clothing, even medical and legal advice available to those who would find it difficult to otherwise afford or access.

As the temperature drops the demand for necessities for homeless people rises and organisers say its about connecting the people with the services.

This year the Brisbane City Council joined forces with the Salvos to reach as many people as possible.

Their needs vary across the board.

Jean Madden, Founder of Street Swags: “Particularly in Queensland with the floods, we have given out hundreds of our Street Swags to people who have lost their homes.”

Volunteers say the benefits flow both ways.

Vox: “It brings tears to my eyes to see me helping other people instead of people helping me. I love giving back.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimate 105,000 people have nowhere to go on any given night in Australia.

But projects like this are making a difference.

Homeless Connect has helped thousands since it started five years ago.

Paige Ross, QUT News.