There were mixed reactions to the budget in Brisbane today.

Individuals thought some of the funding went to the right areas in the wrong way.

Kieran Rooney reports.


Like politics, opinions on the street today about last night’s Federal Budget were divided.

Vox 1: “It just seems like he’s cutting back on everything and trying to get a surplus in two years time.”

Some were happy to see cutbacks weren’t nearly as harsh as some had predicted.

Vox 2: “I think we were all expecting something really tough, and I think under the circumstances it actually works across all of the sectors.”

The Federal Treasurer’s plan to provide a digital set top box for pensioners was met with amusement.

Vox 3: “I think there’ll be a lot of them hitting Cash Converters.”

But the plan to encourage disabled people into the workforce was met with concern.

Vox 4: “People should be able to go back on their own terms rather than being forced to, otherwise they won’t get their payments.”

Vox 5: I think a lot of people know someone who is on disability pension and maybe that’s a bit of a contentious one.”

Small business owners say their vehicle rebate isn’t enough, instead they’d prefer to see further disaster relief.

Vox 6: “I have a business in North Queensland and we’re desperate. We are extremely desperate in Cairns.”

Vox 7: “We just need probably moreso a tax break in the sense so we wouldn’t have to pay.”

But in the aftermath of natural disasters and global financial meltdowns, it’s clear Australia will have to pay for some time yet.

Kieran Rooney, QUT News.